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Document Shredding & Secure Data Disposal Services

Home and business owners are at risk when it comes to identity theft and it’s important to take every precaution you can. If you would like more information about what to shred, or are interested in a shredding quote, call or email to talk with a Modern Waste Solutions representative today.

Keep Your Information & Reputation Safe

Professional Shredding Services should be part of every business or organization and if you are leaving your shredding services to your receptionist who runs a busy front desk, you could be asking for problems. Shredding important documents such as employee pay stubs and old sales receipts is vital to the inner structure of your business

Keeping confidential information safe and secure is imperative when it comes to holding on to important papers and documents that are no longer needed. Keeping information secure is essential especially if your documents contain private and personal information about your staff, vendors, and your customers. If you aren’t ready to shred those documents, scan and store in digital files and keep in a safe place. After you sort call Modern Waste Solutions for Shredding Services who will make sure that your information is permanently destroyed.

If there is a data breach in your company, it could tarnish your reputation. Shredding your private company information will keep your staff, vendors, clients, and yourself safe from threats to your personal life and the life of your company. Anyone can dig through the trash, it isn’t illegal. According to the California vs. Greenwood case it was decided that the, “Expectation of privacy in trash left for collection in an area accessible to the public is unreasonable.” That means if you throw it out it’s up for grabs. Identity thieves will take advantage of this.

Shredding your important documents, whether you are have private or commercial business papers to get rid of is something that should be taken care of as quickly as possible. Everyone has heard the horror stories about a person’s identity being stolen because personal paperwork was not destroyed when it was no longer needed.


Tossing out documents whether they’re sensitive or not has an impact on the environment. Using a shredding service company will help you stay green and compliant. Paper is never trash, but instead raw, reusable material. To shred or not to shred should never really be an issue, especially for people who save those old documents well after their use by date.

“Let no paper go free” is a motto here at Modern Solutions Waste Management. Hard drives, tapes, proprietary materials, unsafe equipment, or anything else that needs to be destroyed will be taken care of. Modern Waste Solutions in California are the experts when it comes to shredding and can keep your private information and environment safe.

We Provide Solutions

We can get rid of your unsafe equipment, proprietary materials, CD’s, Tapes, or anything else that you could end up being liable for. Stop relying on your staff or yourself to get rid of your important papers, digital waste, unsafe equipment, and proprietary materials and call Modern Waste Solutions for a quote. You can arrange a continuing schedule so that you know your paper and digital waste will be taken care once a day, week, or month. Modern Waste Solutions is designed to fit into your schedule, not the other way around. Those old backup drives that you used to use for your old computer system may not be needed anymore- and if they’re sitting in the storage room collecting dust, it’s time to call Modern Waste Solutions for a shredding pickup.

Modern Waste Solutions document shredding in California has the answer to your shredding woes and can take the headache out of shredding all of your waste, including e-waste.

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