Light Recycling:

  • Recycle Incandescent Light Bulbs
  • Recycle Fluorescent Tubes
  • Mandatory Assorted Light Recycling
  • Safer for Workplace and People
  • Licensed Recycling Center
  • Pick-Up Services Provided

Assorted Lights for Recycling

In California light bulb recycling is mandatory. All fluorescent tubes and lamps are hazardous waste and should never be discarded in trash bins. Think again before placing your low mercury lamps, compact fluorescents, and fluorescent tubes into the garbage.

NAID® Certified:

NAID® Enviromental Management Systems (EMS)

R2 Certified:

R2 National Association for Information Destruction

OHSAS 18001 Certified:

OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Saftey Management

ISO 14001 Certified:

Responsible Recycling ("R2") Practices for Electronic Recyclers

Assorted Light Recycling

HID or High Intensity Discharge Lamps include floodlights for large outdoor and indoor areas such as gyms, baseball, and soccer and football fields. Sodium lamps used for outdoor floodlights and security lighting, and mercury vapor lamps that are used for residential and commercial street lighting must also be disposed of properly. All tubes and fluorescent lamps must be recycled, dropped off at a hazardous household waste facility, or taken to an authorized recycling center or a universal waste handler. You can also have your Light Bulb Recycling picked up by Modern Waste who will make sure that your burned out bulbs are taken to a licensed recycling center.

When Modern Waste arrives at your location the professional team will pick up your materials, make a record of every item before recycling and destroying. Modern Waste in California will provide you with the reports and the certificates to validate the pickup.


Environmental Issues

When lamps and tubes that contain mercury are thrown into the trash, the tubes will break once the trash collector arrives. When they break, they will release dangerous mercury vapors into the environment. But mercury vapors cause more than environmental damage.

Those vapors can be absorbed into your bloodstream through your lungs. Businesses are especially vulnerable to accidental breakages, especially offices that depend on dozens fluorescent lamps during the working day. The next time you change out your lamps and bulbs call Modern Waste for a Light Bulb Recycling quote.

Having the work done by a professional keeps the workplace and your employees safe. Let Modern Waste take care of your Light Bulb Recycling. Call Free Quote Today!

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