Junk Pickup Service:

  • Residential & Commercial Junk Removal Services
  • Estate and Apartment Clean Out Services
  • Environmentally Friendly Junk Disposal
  • Keeps Toxins Out of Landfills
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“Junk” Recycling and Disposal

Surplus Equipment, Expired Supplies, Old Furniture, Broken Appliances…

The Need for Junk Recycling and Disposal

It’s a common occurrence for businesses of all types and sizes to have waste items like obsolete equipment or tools, left over supplies, old appliances and other “Junk” that really should not make its way to the landfill. Things wear out or become obsolete with new technologies and products coming in to replace them. Out with the old and in with the new, but sometimes it’s not that easy to properly dispose of your old, unwanted items. Most junk is made with materials that can easily be recycled like wood, steel, aluminum, and plastic. Often times, items like appliances and equipment may contain materials that are hazardous to the environment if released, like refrigerant and oil. They can also be heavy and awkward as well, and in many states, it is not legal to landfill them.

How Do We Help You Manage Your “Junk”?

We have a vast assortment of bins, carts, equipment and supplies for the collection and removal of Junk. We have all necessary tools and resources for the dismantling and proper recycling and disposal of all types of Junk as well. We routinely provide large scale dismantling and clean out services at customer locations.

When we dispatch a truck, the necessary personnel, tools and equipment are sent along to make the job smooth and efficient. All junk will be loaded into bins, onto pallets or directly into the truck. When the items collected arrive at our facility, they are recorded in our database by description for the client. As often as possible, based on feasibility and compliance, items received are dismantled and separated into material types that can be readily recycled.

Modern Waste makes it simple for you to manage your junk in a way that adheres to all applicable local, state and federal rules and guidelines. You Make ONE Call or Click:

  • We will provide the equipment you need
  • We will train you on what you need to know
  • We will come to you to pick up or you can drop off
  • We will record what we receive from you in our database
  • We will shred, wipe, recycle or dispose of your waste
  • We will provide certificates and reports as needed

Contact us today to speak to a specialist that can help you manage your junk in a way that best suits your organization’s needs. Call 916-249-4657 or click the orange “Get Started” button at the top of the screen to begin your journey to a simplified solution.

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Got Junk? Want It to Go Away?

Scheduling Waste Pickup is EASY! Our Recycling Service Trucks can quickly be on the way for all your Business Waste Disposal Service Needs!

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