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Electronic Waste Recycling (E-Waste) Services by Modern Waste Solutions. Electronic Waste Recycling

As a premier electronic waste recycler, Modern Waste is dedicated to helping our customers manage their unused, obsolete, and excess IT equipment and computers. Our recycling services focus on security, efficiency and compliance, while helping you reduce your bottom line. We can help manage and recycle almost any electronic device including, but not limited to:

  • Laptop and Desktop Computers
  • Copiers and Printers
  • Phone Systems
  • Audio/ Video Equipment
  • T.V.s and Monitors
  • Modems and Routers
  • Server Equipment
  • Cell Phones and Notepads

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Asset Tracking

Asset tracking for accountability and accuracy is key if you really want to be able to prove you properly recycled your IT equipment. You could get a simple report with the weight of electronic waste that was recycled or you can get a report showing the make, model and serial number for each asset that was sent out to be recycled. If you are expecting to be audited or you think there is a chance, or you just want to be sure what you sent out is what the recycler received, you need asset tracking with your Electronic Waste Recycling.

Excess Computer Equipment

So, what happens to all of the Excess Computer Equipment after new equipment is installed?

During technology transitions and improvements, businesses can accumulate large quantities of unused or excess electronic devices that no longer fit into their organization’s IT infrastructure. In many cases, computers, copiers, printers, phone systems, and other equipment are stored in a warehouse, a basement or a storage space where it sits undisturbed and unused. The unnecessary storage and security of this excess equipment is costing your company money.

Obsolete Computer and Equipment Disposal

When computers and equipment no longer have any resale value or are not functioning due to mechanical failure, they are considered obsolete. As part of our computer and equipment disposal, we carefully dismantle devices so many of the components and commodities can be re-introduced into the secondary market for manufacturing or repairs. All materials and components are managed to the highest Federal EPA standards, whether they are reused or recycled.

Asset Recovery Services

Simply stated, Asset Recovery is the process of protecting your data while gleaning as much revenue from each piece of retired IT equipment as possible. When a company or organization chooses to implement an IT Asset Recovery strategy, they benefit in the following ways:

Reduced Operating Costs

Asset recovery eliminates the need for the storage and subsequent security costs associated with the protection of assets and data no in use.

Return on Your Investment (ROI)

Your Technology may not be benefitting you anymore, but it may still have a value in the secondary market. Get some of the money invested back out to reinvest in what matters for your organization.

Improved Efficiency

Asset Recovery set up right can improve the efficiency of your IT department by keeping the “clutter” gone while returning revenue for improvements.

Data Security

Drives and memory are wiped or physically destroyed to DOD and NAID standards to prevent any loss of confidential information.

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Whether you want basic Electronic Waste Recycling and Computer Disposal or a complete Asset Recovery program, contact Modern Waste by filling out the contact form or calling 916-339-3676. A representative can help determine the best possible path to achieving your organizations goals for IT Asset Management.

Why Recycle Old & Used Electronics With Modern Waste?

We’ve worked hard to make sure that we’re always in compliance with the law and the latest environmental regulations. Your trust and confidence means everything to our team. We’ve earned the following certifications over the years to ensure you’ve picked the top Data Destruction & Secure Shredding Service:

NAID® Certified:

NAID® Enviromental Management Systems (EMS)

R2 Certified:

R2 National Association for Information Destruction

OHSAS 18001 Certified:

OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Saftey Management

ISO 14001 Certified:

Responsible Recycling ("R2") Practices for Electronic Recyclers

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