Battery Recycling:

  • Battery Disposal Containers Supplied
  • Safe handling of Corrosive Materials
  • Prompt Pick-Up Service
  • Document Shredding
  • Legal Battery Disposal
  • Safe for People and the Environment

You Make One Call:

  • We Provide the Equipment
  • We Provide the Training
  • We Provide the Pick-Up
  • We Record It
  • We Destroy and/or Recycle It
  • We Certify It

Battery Recycling Services (Lead Acid & Alkaline)

So, what is it that makes battery recycling so important? Disposing of batteries anywhere is illegal. You can’t just throw out heavy metals and corrosive materials. Modern Waste Solutions safely removes alkaline, lead acid, rechargeable, and disposable batteries before recycling them properly. Batteries are toxic and pose a real threat to the environment and to human health.

NAID® Certified:

NAID® Enviromental Management Systems (EMS)

R2 Certified:

R2 National Association for Information Destruction

OHSAS 18001 Certified:

OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Saftey Management

ISO 14001 Certified:

Responsible Recycling ("R2") Practices for Electronic Recyclers

What Happens if I Don’t Recycle Properly?

The batteries that are thrown in the landfill leak into the soil reaching the water supply. Properties that surround landfills are in real danger when it comes to toxic waste from leaking batteries. It’s also not okay to burn old batteries. Doing so will release toxic fumes into the atmosphere.

What Batteries Do I Recycle?

Rechargeable, disposable, with the exception of vehicle type lead, and acid batteries can be picked up by Modern Waste Solutions and recycled. If you have leaking or damaged batteries don’t try and recycle call Modern Waste Solutions for a pickup.

How Do I Recycle Batteries?

Just call Modern Waste Solutions in California and schedule a pickup. With Modern Waste Solutions, you can depend on a safe pickup with a licensed company.

How Long May I Store Used Batteries?

Modern Waste Solutions recommends that you schedule a pickup as soon as you can, however the batteries can be placed in a recycling bin in a safe room for up to 4 weeks.

These days battery recycling is imperative for the health of the planet, and the life that lives here. Battery waste makes up for a large percentage of the landfill that could have been avoided if the batteries had been recycled. Battery recycling is extremely important and if you would like more information regarding pickup, call or email to speak with a representative from Modern Waste Solutions in California today.

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