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  • We Destroy and/or Recycle It
  • We Certify It

Service Areas for Modern Waste

If you have a business in the State of California or Reno, Nevada and you are looking for a Customized Recycling Service to fit all of your recycling needs? You don’t have to look any further, as Modern Waste Specializes in recycling just about everything from Hard Drives, Electronic Waste, and Batteries, to Fluorescent Lights and Ballasts.

Because of our Secure Data Destruction, Shredding and Recycling Service’s flexibility, we’re able to provide a unique Waste Management Solutions forged in over 20 years of Waste Recycling Industry Experience.  Even if you already use another service, it is likely that they cannot provide all the services we offer, so when they don’t, give us a call.

We are very likely to have our waste pickup services running through your neighborhood right now. We are one phone call away at (916) 249-4657 or you can click the Orange Get Started” Button or the Green Schedule Waste Pickup” Services to let us know what you have for us to take away. It is that easy!

Local Waste Pickup for Secure Data Destruction, Recycle & Shredding Services

Modern Waste Services are provided in almost every City and Metropolitan Area in California, so we are very likely performing some kind of waste removal services close to your Business and ready to accommodate your Commercial Waste Disposal needs along our regular Waste Pickup Routes.

One of the advantages you’ll have as our customer is that we drive to your business and all you have to do is show us what needs to go.  We take care of the rest! Our recycling and shredding waste pickup trucks are sent out on a regularly scheduled route collecting Electronic Waste (eWaste), Shredded Paper, Documents, Cardboard, Bottles, Cans, Glass, Aerosol Cans, Light Bulbs, Fluorescent Lamps, LED Lights and other Light Recycling Appliances and miscellaneous Junk for disposal along the way.

And we do the destruction and shredding right there on your property ensuring your complete confidence knowing that anything you hand over to our truck drivers is already secure and recycled properly before they leave your premise.  This way when we provide you the destruction paperwork, you know the job was done, done right and will just as hassle free on the next waste pickup service call.

Got Junk? Want It to Go Away?

Scheduling Waste Pickup is EASY! Our Recycling Service Trucks can quickly be on the way for all your Business Waste Disposal Service Needs!

Waste Management Recycling Services for Local Businesses

Below are Primary Waste Services offered by Modern Waste that are available for you Commercial Business Waste Management, Secure Destruction, Shredding and Recycling Needs.  Taking out the waste is our job and we gladly take care of everything for you. Find a Solution for your Business Waste Today!

Data Destruction & Secure Shredding

Hard Drives, Electronic Waste, Paper Documents, Aerosol Cans or whatever else you need destroyed.

Aerosol Can Disposal & Recycling

Spray paints, lubricants, bug sprays, room deodorizers, and many other liquids we use from

Electronic Waste (E-Waste) Recycling

We all live in an electronic world where new devices become old in six months to a year. Over the past

Light Bulbs, Lamps & LED Recycling

Let us lighten your load – we can pick-up and recycle all types of lights and ballasts, and we make sure it’s

Battery (Lead Acid/Alkaline) Recycling

Lead Acid, Alkaline, Disposable, Rechargeable or whatever you use – let us take “charge” and recycle

Junk & Other Recycling/Removal

Hard drives, Electronic Waste, Paper Documents, Aerosol Cans or whatever else you need destroyed.

California Service Locations by County Metropolitan Areas

Modern Waste Services are provided in almost every City and Metropolitan Area in California. Below are the California Counties where you will find our local Waste Pickup Services running through your neighborhood on a regular basis. All you need to do is contact us and we will schedule our Waste Service Technician to drive by and take care of your Disposal and Recycling needs.

List of Waste Pickup Service Area Locations in California by County:

Modern Waste provides full Recycling and Waste Removal Services throughout California in the Counties listed below:

If the security of your confidential information is weighing on your mind, or your recycling materials are stockpiling up, Get Started with Modern Waste Services in California today. We’ll provide you with a FREE Quote. If you have any questions, Contact Us Today.

Nevada Service Locations by County Metropolitan Areas

Modern Waste Services currently only provides Services in the County of Washoe and the City of Reno, Nevada.  Please reach out to us if you Business is located close to Reno and we will work with you to find a solution to accommodate your Waste Managment Services needs.

List of Waste Pickup Service Area Locations in Nevada by County:

Modern Waste provides full Waste Management Services throughout the Nevada Counties listed below:

NAID® Certified:

NAID® Enviromental Management Systems (EMS)

R2 Certified:

R2 National Association for Information Destruction

OHSAS 18001 Certified:

OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Saftey Management

ISO 14001 Certified:

Responsible Recycling ("R2") Practices for Electronic Recyclers

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