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Data Security

Prevention, Destruction and Compliance


Waste and Recycling Compliance

Companies Are Fined Millions for this…

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Modern Waste Recycling, Removal & Disposal Solutions

Modern Waste is your Total Solution for the Recycling and Environmentally Friendly Disposal of Electronics, Light Bulbs, Batteries, Aerosol Cans, Hard Drives, Junk and Paper Document Shredding. We follow the mantra of “Be Secure, Environmentally Friendly and Cost Effective (SEFCE)”.

This is our way of saying we ensure all of California’s Data Destruction and Recycling Compliance Regulations are adhered when we remove your Confidential Data, Universal Waste and Scrap Materials.

With reasonable notice, scheduling waste pick up of electronics, paper and junk removal services for small businesses, state agencies, multi-tenant buildings and for many different industries is quick and easy for current customers. New customers please use our FREE Pickup Quote system to start recycling today.

All materials destroyed and/or recycled are logged for our customers and are provided process documentation reports and certificates for proof of proper and environmentally safe processing.

Modern Waste is SERI Responsible Recycling (R2) Certified to process all e-waste in a professional and environmentally sound manner. We also hold OHSAS 18001 (Health & Safety) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Safety) Certified which ensures that we are protecting you and our environmental.

More information about the Mandatory Data Destruction and Recycling Requirements for all California Businesses can be found on our Compliance Webpage or just give us a call at (916) 339-3676 and we will answer all your questions about the recycling services Modern Waste offers.

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We pickup your waste anywhere in California!

Be Efficient and Compliant

Avoid fines and stay compliant with route-based, timely pickups of your Universal Waste, Confidential Data and Scrap Materials.


Recycling Bottles, lights, electronics


Electronics, Light Bulbs, Florescent Lamps, Bottles, Cans, Aerosols Cans, Ballasts, Ink and Toner Cartridge Recycling we do it all for you.
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Paper, Hard Drives, Proprietary Materials, Tapes, CDs, Unsafe Equipment, or whatever you need destroyed. Our clients are indemnified and satisfied that their liability ends with us.
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Battery Recycling


Lead Acid, Alkaline, Disposable, Rechargeable or whatever recycled properly for you. Let us worry about safety and compliance; it’s our job.
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Junk Removal

Junk Removal

Old furniture, tools, pallets or supplies – most of it can be recycled. One more way to keep costs down and make you greener.
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To help our clients recycling in the most Secure, Environmentally Friendly, and Cost Effective methods available. (SEFCE Recycling)

Serving California Since 1999


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CA destruction recycling requirements


Learn How to Properly Handle Waste
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Modern Waste prides itself in being Secure, Environmentally Friendly and Cost Effective (SEFCE)while serving our clients at the highest
level of reliability and integrity, always ready to help with a friendly attitude.

Environmentally Safe
ISO 14001 Cert # 12341234

Environmentally Safe
NIAD Cert # 12341234

Environmentally Safe Recycling
R2 Standard Cert # 12341234

Workplace Health & Safety
ISO 18001 Cert # 12341234